Thursday, May 10, 2012

Stressed Out Due To The Information Overload

We were posted up in the command / data center; so called experts said the strands of information were coming in too fast! 

Plus so called quality control inspectors were marking up the printouts in they circled the data; trying to flex muscle like Keith Sweat..trying to make it last!

Some will quit like Julian White at FAMU...meanwhile a fake will blast their weapon during the drive by!! they said you were a damn lie!! they're riding shotgun in the hooptie! 

Similar to riding shotgun on stagecoachs in the Wild Wild West; word from Mr West..he said act like you knew me! 

The information overload will get them!! they'll be stressed; but were sliding through the portal...the truth will be told in the good word; were not disputing it!

During this transformation the street code is maintained; God blessed us!! no need to get slick like Vladimir Putin did! 

Stealing elections? please!! Let The Healing Process Begin... I'm dealing with imperfections..I let some of mine stay; they're part of my soul and spirit! 

Rolling through intersections that have red light cameras?  the system will issue a demerit! 

Rolling at a high velocity but with the speed you need...whose fair with it in Babylon?

Mouths move at a high velocity as politicians lie..check the information they continue to babble on....
The information overload had them!! like Tiger Woods they'll come up we introduce these breakbeat scientific principles!

The information overload had them!! like JP Morgan Chase losing dealt with fake ones who thought they were invincibles!



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