Sunday, May 6, 2012

All Up In The Spot / Dealing With Super Full Moon Madness

We were all up in the spot; wishing it was simple....but damn!! were back at the scene of the crime! 

Its enhanced by the Super Full Moon in will the sport go? please!! I'm still dodging bullets;  plus the devil with his pitchfork...he was seen with mine! 

....He was seen with my people from New York to the San Francisco / Oakland  / Bay Area..whats up Occupy Oakland? peeps were just trying to get all points in between!

.....On over to Sudan / South Sudan or Afghanistan; plus on out to Pluto, Mars and  and even Venus; some are baffled..asking what does it all mean? 

Whats up man? I'm just observing the scene;  battle scars from those that got gaffled like Miguel Cotto by Mayweather were prominent! 

...Or like the Dallas Mavericks experiencing May weather from the OK City Thunder..caught up in the storm....but whose going under? over on Glenwood Rd in Decatur Georgia curb serving was seen by those that said they will stick and stay; they said they're game was dominant!

So whats happening Captain? some said they've been hood!! but due to information overload Gus and Herb got caught swerving when they should have stayed in their lane! 

Super full moon madness? no justice no peace was the by product: now they stay in pain! 

Whats up with us? were still here....all up in the spot..still wishing it was simple...but we didn't cut and run....even though we weren't pimping like John Edwards or even Herman Cain!

A corrupt one tried to run through the trenches like Jim Brown or Jerome Bettis;  he got popped!!  I heard he was in pain! 

I heard the reign started with a drizzle; that's word from O-Dizzle! 

Were all up in the spot working this thing!! sometimes there's success but then sometimes plans fizzle!

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