Monday, May 7, 2012

All Up In The Spot; Bearing Witness..As We Get Scientific

All up in the spot; bearing witness to the power struggles like in France..word from Francois Hollande .....its perpetrated by wannabe power brokers!

Plus the have and have nots continue their struggles; how were we responding? some are too broke to go bankrupt...due to actions by the need to study the Electronic Arts to see it...O-Zone is on to these jokers! 

Check out The Sonic Assault...these arts; beats plus English that are broken are the essence of the discipline; as we get scientific with it!

Streets are like Oakland on May Day..they're full of those feeling the anguish.... dealing with the madness!! as a fanatic tried to kick it! 

Mathematics? we kick it to the masses...Super Full Moon Madness had them; was it due to an information overload?  a few days later? still relevant..unlike what smooth jazz is! 

Erratic is how students in classes act; acting like they had the the left they pass this!

Static will cling...shake it off!!  do the Dougie or you might have to beef it up! 

Static will cling;  its the ghetto or alley ones vs bougie...nobody will say the beef is up!

O-Dizzle the chief rocker is all up in this piece!! recognize the pattern! 

Whats the dizzle?  he's all up in the spot; but usually intergalactic ..out beyond Pluto, Mars or Saturn! 

Whats the dizzle all up in the spot?  plans for bruising and battering my ego were exposed! 

I already knew what it do; knowing these devils were opposed!

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