Friday, May 11, 2012

Laying In The Cut / But Soon I'll Be Ready To Roll

I was chilling out; low key...low profile;  just laying in the cut!

But I'm not through dealing though; ignoring JP Morgan Chase types..I'm just not playing around with the corrupt! 

I found a portal to slide through; the ATL I ride through...knowing what the sport will do to a rookie or veteran! 

Word from Josh Smith..liking the Celtics tradition...but even coaches get caught out there....that's word from  Bobby Petrino or even Sean Payton;  so whatcha saying? know what I mean? 

Check the swag or steelo; chilling out with it..I'm observing the scene; checked the mass Syria...but soon I'll be ready to roll! 

Laying in the cut; the money is funny like Sudan's because of lost oil wells..but soon Ill be on my way...ready to roll!

O-Dizzle is playing the cuts; jazz, funk, and hip hop soul; check out the by product! 

The reign began with a drizzle; now check the called powers that be question my conduct!

Usually conducting myself in an orderly fashion; I govern myself accordingly!

But at the moment? laying in the cut...thought and fashion police claim jurisdiction; they didn't feel me?

Caught in a moment of time; enhanced by the super full moon; what it do? please!! this is a critical stage of development!

Laying in the cut....but soon I'll be ready to roll..its all about success..we're on a mission and we're not failing it... 




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