Thursday, May 3, 2012

Its Going Down...It Doesn't Stop

Its going down!! like the name of my we drop insight..but whose paying attention?

O-Dizzle is throwing down?....sho you right!! Sonic Assaults are unleashed; hitting up this and that dimension! 

Others were distracted...after Unknowns hack NASA and Harvard rights and privileges are under suspension; whose caught up in the matrix? 

These brothas interacted with others caught up in the system; but whose trying to fake it?

Some were woefully unprepared like Bin Laden said Biden is; meanwhile O-Dizzle will take a beat and break it; while broken English is manipulated by the Brotha O-Zone! 

Its going down!! but plans fizzle..will FAMU's band be split up? some were knocked down but can't get spirits are broken; some feel the pain and anguish from being hated on in this danger zone!

Its going down!! what are you on? feeling the pain like Junior Seau;
 you were told to choose your poison!! that was the advice from old dude!

Its going down !! as I cruise down I-20 in Atlanta brainstorming; but not pimping / swarming like John Edwards...acting clever or shrewd! 

Choosing to take the assignment like Ethan Hunte in Mission Impossible; had to sever ties with rude ones who didn't follow the Ghost Protocol! 

Planets are in alignment like the Grand Trine in March; its going down...were on are way...... ready to roll!

Its going down..this small army will march on the enemy with the Sonic Assault...

Its going doesn't stop...even though this entity had to sacrifice...but hell was caught..

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