Tuesday, May 29, 2012

We're In Transition...This Is What It Do

This is what it do...we're coming through..were in transition;  but its no Philadelphia brotherly love type of business! 

Acting like I knew....brothas are prime suspects; please!! were getting expelled like Syrian envoys...but these boys stay a step ahead of government informants! 

Revolutionary feelings laid dormant; but soon the Sonic Assault is unleashed!

Evolutionary processes? intelligent design? spiritual warfare is going down!! on Sunday brothas and sistas heard when the Pastor preached! 

This is no Green Acres / Green Pastures type of situation; tires screeched on the Chevy Impala after the drive by over in Decatur Georgia! 

Plus society still hates us; like Donald Trump with the birther issues; not a damn thing has changed!! don't even start with a brotha! 

...As I start another episode of this...humping like the middle of the week...who'll work with a bruh? I'm letting my peeps know what it do!

Sometimes it gets lonely out there but we kept on running; acting like we knew!

In this danger zone others didn't have a clue..as the earth quakes like it was Italy...whats the deally? some spotted the contract...some of them even signed on the dotted line! 

Was it due to Information Overload? meanwhile I maintained the street code...but whose waiting in the dark? that's where I spotted mine!

I'm not the one to pay fines, fees, and penalties to an apparatus that
mistreats me!

We're in transition...whose trying to play with mine? might even do like Mark Zuckerburg with IPO's for Facebook...please!! you'll come face to face with a crook from Facebook...now some are shook..but I'm on one;  ready to take it to the streets like Doobies!

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