Saturday, May 19, 2012

We Didn't Forget

They thought we forgot about it...we knew George Zimmerman types were still out here....we tried to let it go but we couldn't!

Plus Geraldo and O'Reilly were talking sideways..but we know how the other side plays....were still going all out for it; knowing these haters had their doubts about it like they still do about Obama..check the drama...they thought we wouldn't or couldn't! 

We even had our own doubts about it!!! as the G8 meets at Camp David... knowing how rough it is; I spotted homie up in the spot!! over  Decatur Georgia checking lottery and scratch off tickets! 

.....At the neighborhood casino...seeing how it'll go; where did you spot me? I'm  trying to set it off with this math; check how I kick it! 

We didn't forget it...especially after observing the scene....checked the work done by shadetree was revealed;  they lacked skills! 

Whats up with it? what was heard or seen? some ask us as bombs go off in Damascus...we peeped game..we didn't forget; especially when a fanatic approached with shady deals! 

But we proceed and continue.. wishing it was we come back with this....I won't let them play me; a bruh chills..its like this and that! 

What can they say to me? they'll get pimp slapped like Will Smith did that reporter... I didn't forget; they need to come right with that!

We didn't forget...whats the deal with it? the four track recorder stays busy!! O-Dizzle is a funky type of soul brotha... 

We didn't forget..whats the deal with it? some will try to dip like Chen Guangcheng leaving China...before authorities try to find ya..they'll roll up on a brotha...

We didn't forget...whats up with another? plans fall through like the Space X launch that was aborted..

We didn't forget; still getting over the super full moon the Solar Eclipse is here...please!! what it do? even  the Boston Celtics  can tell you how rough the sport can get...

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