Thursday, May 24, 2012

All Up In The Spot; Total Chaos Reigns

Were all up in the spot..observing the scene; whats heard or seen?  check the status! 

Total chaos in the euro seemed to be the norm; we're outraged by the destruction / corruption..that's word from Facebook / Morgan Stanley...flagrant agents even tried to holla at us! 

The situation is in a state of despair and turmoil....not taking a loss when we come back with this;  please!! we won't be shaky like Tim Tebow...victory is spotted on the horizon! 

....Not fronting / faking or trying to floss; that makes you a target of those who have visions of rising! 

...AKA authority figures show interest; its not surprising everybody's trying to keep their front going! 

Unknown and Anonymous hackers claim territory; now we have glitches in the matrix while others fake it; so whatcha knowing? 

Caught up in the system / matrix; some volunteered like Robert Champion at FAMU...what it do? now some are subject to drama royalty who fake it until they make it! 

The thought and fashion police were posted up; they spotted you in the club trying to shake it!

The Total Chaos caused some to break it now they have to take it; no need to go the service desk!

Chalk it up as a loss like the Indiana Pacers might have to do.. soon our paths cross and I'm at your service with this!

Dropping this science and math that's how we work this; some might have trouble keeping pace with this...its like the mass hysteria in Syria..its our rebuttal to the total chaos!

 Peeping game; whats on the dangerous minds? they want to see us take a loss!


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