Thursday, May 17, 2012

They We're Going Through It PT.6

My peeps are going through it!! just like Mars in Virgo natives! 

My peeps are going to it..peep the battle scars..they said they had Work To Do like The Isley Brothers..trying to get to the money like Facebook IPO's.....but they just misbehave with this..

My peeps are going to it...reality conducted the class or seminar...but some didn't pay attention...they're restless like natives of countries fighting off imperialists...

My peeps are going through it..from the ATL to Sanford Fla. where Trayvon Martin was...please!! they're still shooting it out in the West End of Louisville.. this native knows what the deal is...

The knowledge dropped by the system / matrix contradicted with reality;  it distracted the masses..especially during hostile takeovers! 

Some acknowledge they lost themselves like John Edwards after they gained power and respect; after the hot style makeovers! 

....Like they were on Oprah or Maury; but Dr Phil said get over this!! get ready for the next episode! 

Going through it!! just trying to get over the hump!! but some are so sorry; they can't get over the threshold! 

Going through it!! due to  the information overload some stick to the story that's told; even though it was found to be bogus! 

Going through it!! hostile territories will take a toll on you..I even found it out as we approach this! 

As we approach this point of no return...we won't stop..we keep it moving!!

Our response?  while going through it lessons were learned;  O-Zone drops this good word..while the funky soul brotha  O-Dizzle will keep grooving!

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