Friday, May 18, 2012

Observing The Scene / Solar Eclipse Soon Here

Laying in the cut..the Solar Eclipse is I'm chilling...doing the knowledge; observing the scene!

Praying for the corrupt.. they're rolling like Vladimir Putin...but I'm keeping them out of my face; I'm too busy living the dream! 

Laying it down like carpet!! but I keep it moving..those kind of targets are hard to hit! 

Now I'm ready to roll; I'm on my way..but like George Zimmerman  vs Trayvon Martin...haters wanted me to stop, quit, or forfiet!

A veteran now coaching like Doc Rivers with The Celtics..knowing the sport can get ugly! 

Peeping game like looking at the Solar Eclipse..suspicions were confirmed when observing the scene; I wasn't sleeping like another would be! 

Revokations and suspensions confirmed the would be / could be theory was being practiced! 

Jokers were caught up in situations manipulated by the system; I left for a trying to get back to this! 

Now a G8 Summit will try to save Europe...whats up with it? were observing the ready to we get back to this and that! 

Meanwhile the NATO Summit in Chicago will decide the fate of Afghanistan...whats up man? we're observing the hate...dealt with it..working this thing!! putting it down like this and that!

Whats the deal?  whats up with it? whatcha know? maybe some will see a sign with the Solar Eclipse...

Whats the deal? heard a joker say he's observing the he's ready to roll..tripping...dipping in the Mitsubishi Eclipse.. 




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