Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Atmosphere Shifted PT. 8 (Oh!! So It's Like This?)

The atmosphere shifted plus it's  ; so what's the perspective? what's the determination? 

Is it positive or negative? what's the deal with it? situations horrific or joyful? my peeps are still needing

  in conjunction with the  =

Major dues we pay to a fanatic!!  that's why we drop these percussions and mathematics!! ATLiens suffering #LaborDay2016 repercussions? Really? 

Tuesday thoughts rebuke the hell that's caught!! discussions held per Chicago violence but gun violence has increased everywhere..

The atmosphere shifted! Russians like Vladimir Putin talk slick,  and even   Rodrigo Duterte talked reckless to Obama; they take it there...
The atmosphere shifted! Oh!! So It's Like This? so who fell for the scam? merchandise was even bought, now some look for closure in the heart of it, the slump.

Proceed to the service desk for returns!! meanwhile the world truns, this is not the HumpDay Extravaganza but it's still hard to get over the hump.

The atmosphere shifted! Oh!! So It's Like This? we proceed and continue..at your service with this!! getting over with the thump.

The atmosphere shifted! Oh!! So It's Like This?  we proceed and continue but we were fired on, haters were trying to dump.

Ear shattering gunshots exploded!!   but not just bullets,  jokers tried to talk junk like Donald Trump,  on the stump or bully pulpit.

Information overloaded?  now jokers have a coughing fit like Hillary Clinton!! old dudes like Bernie Sanders tried to tell them!! but it's too late to pull it.

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