Saturday, September 3, 2016

The Atmosphere Shifted PT. 7 (Oh!! So It's Like This?)

The atmosphere shifted!! bearing witness!! per Matthew 6-10. on earth as in heaven,  God's will is done..

Priorities shifted!! I can see how this thing is going!! this broheim will  *holla atcha*  letting you know what it do!! God's will is done!!

Territories shifted as  Tropical Storm Hermine blew through! the atmosphere was volatile!! in the meantime and between time I drop this breakbeat science like Voltaire! trying not to come undone!!

Telling these stories!! you'll see me going for what I'm knowing., it should be I Transcend and Transform...I'm trying to stay on the one.

Little homies were also telling stories,  letting me know the deal!!  dude said Narcs and undercovers were rolling in Dodge Chargers,  Chevy suburbans and Ford Crown Victorias from Victory Park up in Louisville to Dekalb County down here in Georgia;  authorities were peeping game / when will the raid be? 

The atmosphere shifted; per Titus 3:1 who's subject to these authorities?  I was letting them know who's Shady Like Grady.

The atmosphere shifted; reality will enlighten us if we pay attention; I'm out here asking Oh!! So It's Like This? after the system played me...

The atmosphere shifted!! family will enlighten us if we pay attention; I'm out here asking Oh!! So It's Like This? after my peeps prayed for me...

Priorities shifted!! is the G20 Summit in China similar to a cartel gathering?  my folk need to recognize game.

Priorities shifted!! these Sonic Assaults /  I-20 in Atlanta drumkit  reflections are from the heart; check the math I bring!! jersey is pulled from the rafters; damn!! I'll have to get back in the game!!

Train of thought is wrecking after running off the tracks! similar to the the explosion at Space X? damn!!  who's  to blame? it's all game..we were told to charge it.

Oh!! So It's Like This? hell is caught, who's working? credit is frozen, foreclosures up!! so don't start it.

I Transcend and Transform per The O-Dog Mix! Check It Out!


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