Sunday, September 25, 2016

Broken Beat Mixes 4 - Future Jazz & Broken Soul

Sunday Jazz Continues!! I play it different; the music is bumping while football games play in the background..

Chiling out on a Sunday afternoon!! usually in the midst of spiritual warfare, we didn't backdown...

Shady dealing out here in Babylon? of course!! it's not hard to track down the usual suspects...

Playing this sound!! this is how we get down!! repelling the enemy that disrespects...

The madness? this dude disconnects from it!! I spotted the collateral damage / broken spirits / souls caught up in the mix..

Chilling out in the lab listening to Orgone Mike's Broken Beat Mixes 4 - Future Jazz & Broken Soul , check out the playlist and the mix...

 Brotherly - True

DaOneAway & Bembe Segue - To Tomorrow

The Baylor Project - More in Love

Elise - Poseidon (simbad suite remix)

Cyberphonia - Cut & Paste (Hefner remix)

Jazzanova & Clara Hill - No Use



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