Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Atmosphere Shifted PT. 10 (The Finale But It's Not Final)

The saga / struggle continues!! we're in survival mode,  priorities haven't shifted. 

We're rocking these venues, but it's like Wells Fargo under siege!! soon the atmosphere shifted. 

UN sanctions weren't lifted!! how far will they go? I see North Korea is still acting up. 

...So is Iran,  so what's up man? damn!!  this world is still corrupt. 

The atmosphere shifted, as  meteorologists monitor Tropical Storm Ian in the Atlantic to see if it'll make landfall to do damage. 

The atmosphere shifted! we're rocking this but life is hectic!! God blessed this, so we still manage. 

The atmosphere shifted! whats the perspective? per this Terrible /  Terrific Tuesday it can positive or negative. 

The atmosphere shifted as good and evil collided / coincided;  positive was how we're trying to live. 

Freedom?  we continue to ride for it,  but we deal with roadblocks /  setbacks / obstacles and hurdles. 

I see him out there on I-20 in Atlanta! somebody said that about me,  caught up in #atltraffic but we still try to work those.

.... And these;  please!!  the saga / struggle continues,  even the atmosphere shifted concept will come to a close. 

It'll morph into something else as there's always something else!!  we continue to get breakbeat scientific knowing the devil will oppose.

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