Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Breakbeat Scientific Per This HumpDay Extravaganza

 Oh yes!! another HumpDay Extravaganza; breakbeat science dropped in a verse / stanza!! this is how we're rolling.

Too blessed to be stressed per the vanity licence plate on the old Fleetwood Brougham on Candler Road in Decatur that's rolling? 

I don't know Broheim!! we are dropping this  #WednesdayWisdom  based on how we're living; at the moment chilling like Kenny Rogers knowing when to fold them, hold them, walk away or run..

The madness is growing!! it's a bumper crop like poppy from Afghanistan relating to the heroin epidemic!! I was wondering what some were on!!

In the Midwest heroin fentanyl was taking some out y'all; so what's up man? Detroit drug dealers trying to maximize profits? 

From the Midwest y'all; word from a Louisville / Newburg wheeler / dealer; your maxing and relaxing with these breakbeat scientific prophets...

Oh yes!! the ones bringing math to the masses like an Andrae Crouch gospel song; *on the way to see the King*  / soon and very soon / heard at the Baptist church..

Made in his image / claiming our heritage;  but on earth who's fair with it? soon the structure was engulfed in flames, walls crumbled!! but to rebuild? we had to go to work..

Hope didn't diminish,  Dam Funk said the The Sky Is Ours so your dude was Intergalactic, out beyond the stars!! I told Space X not to come to Mars!! part of royalty, the first galaxies? a dude is claiming territory.

As we scrimmage fanatics?  ATLiens were getting crunk influenced by the arch nemesis in Babylon; damn!!  it comes with the territory.

Telling this story as part of the HumpDay Extravaganza, as thought and fashion police try to shoot us down like MH17 shot down by Russian surrogates..

 Plus they'll shoot us down from Charlotte to California, the HumpDay Extravaganza reminds you society still hates...

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