Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Selected At Random After Reckless Abandon PT.5

Excuse me, but these thoughts are selected at random after reckless abandon!! this is the aftermath...

Excuse me, but this is the by-product of going through the process!! more or less after doing the math..

Lose me per my conduct out in the mainstream of mathematics? thought and fashion police are back at it!! those fanatics were combative like Donald Trump at the debate..

...with Hillary Clinton; had to admit I wasn't mainstream, driving erratic,  corners I'm bending / swerving!!! rolling with reckless abandon a step ahead of those that hate..

Shady dealing? oh yes!! fanatics were out of order!! they're pulling capers then dipping in Dodge Chargers when they should pump brakes..

Misbehave? me? Oh No!! I keep my head to the sky per Earth Wind and Fire! it's like I'm dodging Aleppo airstrikes...

Who'll try to enslave me with that and this?  the clock will expire like LSU vs Auburn!!  O-Dog will put the drum on them.

How did some behave around me?  lessons learned as authorities  run up on them.

What's going on with them?  selected at random  due to Donald Trump profiling due to the bombing? there's always drama...

What's going on with them? questions asked after they spotted us rolling through with reckless abandon!! good word dropping, beats thump pro-styling!! breakbeat science dropped by a brotha!!

Suspicion is aroused, after the enemy got rocked / housed: check the steady bombardment of the enemy position..

Missions? aroused by hustle knocks from Charlotte to your spot if your paying attention..

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