Friday, September 30, 2016

Selected At Random After Reckless Abandon PT. 6 (Didn't Stop / Didn't Quit)

I mentioned earlier,  we hit the wall;  just like the Rosetta spacecraft hitting the 67P comet. 

Reckless abandon was exercised!!  We Didn't Stop / Didn't Quit!! now like Rosetta Stone check out this math / language we come with. 

....Per this #FridayFeeling? O-Zone has this good word plus O-Dizzle brought the drumkit!! beats are selected at random like these thoughts. 

The drizzle led to the reign, so some are done with it!!  plus we're damned if we did or didn't bring these Sonic Assaults..

 ...They're based on being caught out there making things harder than they had to be. 

The Fresh Vision was clouded by the smoke and mirrors; damn!!  it was hard to see!! 

How were we living? scientists mentioned intelligent design / an evolutionary style!!  it's the natural process.

How were we living? these breakbeat scientists rock a revolutionary style check the signs!!  from Charlotte to Tulsa we're selected at random after rolling through Babylon with reckless abandon!!  now we bring the healing process.

Monsters spotted, not related to the Lochness one, not even looking for a job on Monster.Com.

Breakbeat science is in full effect!!  dropping original compositions plus listening to the Monstercat Podcast but we're played like mobsters with a drum.

A fool will disrespect, now thoughts are selected at random after reckless abandon...

Looking at the big picture, so we hit you up with the big scripture!! this is for my people that society was stranding...

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