Tuesday, February 22, 2022

The Train Of Thought Is Still Rolling!! Ignoring The Distractions!! (Part Two)

It's going down on this Tuesday morning!! Oh Yeah!! Terrible / Terrific Tuesday is what I call it because things can go either way! we're still out here off of I-20 in Atlanta; the train of thought is still rolling!! 

It's a blessing to be here doing our thing, trying to do the right one per Spike Lee, but I might have to slap a fool per Juwan Howard out here acting like a Mike Pence coward;  somebody can understand me / feel me; they see how I'm rolling!!

Intergalactic when I kick it, way way out there!! didn’t want to be but I was even out there on a corporate spaceship. Did the mathematics, the train of thought was rolling, high technical! even in the mailroom? the letters have faded.. ..away; corporate types have found another way to play / prey; now we have e-mails , zoom and even electronic thoughts transfer. Questions? the train of thought is derailed as an evil intention / intuition / distraction implemented by the wannabe Legion Of Doom kicks in, some already know the answers.

Oh yes!! the train of thought derailed due to the distractions, we’re not down with these interactions; answers are in front of us so help me if you can, we’re taking a risk. Next Level mission? Sonic Assaulting / breakbeat scientific measures are introduced success seduced; check the sound and this good word, by products of the workshop; with me as we roll out on our spaceship. Local / National / International / Intergalactic, a multi faceted time traveller; but sometimes? lights blink on the instrument panel, on earth I’m stranded. Coherent but in pain due to invisible scars, distracting the train of thought; it doesn’t roll right! some don’t understand it.

Demerits issued? no tissue supplied if tears fall, wasn't invincible like these other so called heroes?

Plus some get played, naive like Enes Kanter / Freedom with GOP photo ops? their constituents have the nerve to say Colin Kaepernick types are zeroes!!

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