Friday, February 4, 2022

Staying Strong (Supreme Courage and Maximum Strength) Part Three

 We’re coming through on what I refer to as a Fabulous Friday; it’s a blessing to be here!

I don’t have my head in the sand though, O-Zone will be the first one to tell you it’s rough out here!

It’s no Mamby Pamby Land per the Geico Sarge some people try to be large and in charge. 

Check the Flashback Friday lingo, we’ve been out here! we’ll continue to stay strong in the game while others will just have to charge.. to the game; don’t get me wrong the situation is critical / urgent, but we’re still staying strong / moving slow and steady.

Exhibiting supreme courage and maximum strength as we continue to ride! waste deep in wonder, we’re not ready.. leave; we’re exercising power while we’re here, posted up! some say we’re selfish. Not deceived by those seeking power, like Trump Insurrectionists there’s not much they can tell us.

Some plot and scheme like they’re in a fortune teller daydream, it’s just reality remixed.
Manifestation? more like decapitation check the situation as some tell us to Let It Go like the Frozen movie as endeavors / fantasies get nixed. Check the situation, but we stay strong in the midst of the negative persuasion per jokers rolling like Frozone even though it seems like plans are frozen like frost covered starlight…
…on the far side of goodbye, but we're Ready To Roll, we're on our way / we continue to ride / try! staying strong exhibiting supreme courage and maximum strength even though naysayers think we can’t get it right!

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