Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Where’s The Duct Tape? The Structure Is Falling Apart (Part Ten)

 Cruising through the neighborhood that was known as a speed trap;  supposedly strictly enforcing the law. 

Known for writing tickets for minor infractions during hostile interactions, just because they’re the law. 

Dude from over in Decatur? known for kicking it in the old school Chevy Caprice with the bass booming but with broken taillights, he’ll need to find that red duct tape!

Utilized by this dude from up in Louisville from the old school, per driving those old hoopties  like Sir Mix A Lot through these corrupt states. 

Utilized by this Southeastern Conference respondent while dipping through Kentucky, Tennessee, the Carolinas to down here in Georgia. 

Formerly the Confederacy now replaced by the Federalist Society per Neil Gorsuch, plus Merrick Garland and their other collaborators!

So what’s up with me? O-Zone tried to be easy back in the day at the Louisville / Newburg backwoods shady speakeasy.

HumpDay Extravaganzas started, middle of the week clubbing even in the dead of the night within winter’s grip! it wasn’t easy! Getting over the hump the mission? somebody will understand a brotha but he also felt the alcohol / drug influenced bitter chill of indifference per the braggers / boasters / dealers in belligerence! Some needed their mouths duct taped shut, like Trump confessing to the insurrection everything they said was corrupt, so time’s up! a half moon halo lit the path home, O-Zone was through with this!

O-Zone, acting brand new with this because I knew more than duct tape was needed to fix the structure that’s falling apart?

Carry on dude I was told, surviving in a world that’s cold with constituents having a matching heart!

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