Sunday, February 20, 2022

Staying Strong (Supreme Courage And Maximum Strength) Part Ten

 Sunday morning reflecting? oh yes!! plus  higher power respecting, it’s a blessing to be here!

Heart / spirit / soul inspecting?  wanting to take it higher like Sly and The Family Stone; way way out there / up there!

Next Level transitions are the mission but not influenced by pharmaceuticals, it’s easy to get off course. 

The train of thought derailed in those scenarios as the devil will oppose; that’s par for the course. 

Of course, to prevail supreme courage and maximum strength is needed as we go through these trials and tribulations!

Staying strong as we carry on, no slacking even when progress is impeded by these naysayers / the devil and his advocates in all these situations

Per Patti LaBelle, Michael McDonald? the Lord is with us but sometimes these players seem like we’re on our own!

Pass? Fail? once again it’s on as we carry on, we’re doing what we do while others are still doing how the Romans do while in Rome. But that led to destruction, like Russia and Ukraine we hear of wars and rumors of war; some were influenced by the gunpowder and wine. Plus the weed made some naive, it’s like the Trump insurrection what did they believe? they lost their mind.

True indeed! we still believe everything is going to be alright that’s why we’re staying strong!

Supreme courage and maximum strength is needed; reality had us down for a minute or two; waiting in the dark but we didn’t stay long!

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