Monday, May 15, 2023

Attack Zone Business (Part Two)

 Check us out on this Monday morning even though the science dropped is good for any time frame!  Mercury retrograde is over even though we're still in the shadow period, I call this attack zone business!

We're still under attack from the enemy, an evil entity all up in this spiritual warfare! by now y'all should know what the deal is!

Brotha O-Zone knows what the real is, just call it the struggle! catch me out here in our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta in the lab enhancing these techniques! in the middle of silence? the ink pen made noises.

Writing poetry, somebody might feel this more like Simon and Garfunkel Sounds of Silence! we even weaponize it accompanied by our digital crate digging byproducts per the synchronicity!

We're moving at a high velocity with the speed you need but outcomes may be considered dysfunctional! melodies of love or the methods of madness validated per Brotha O losing his poise?

Thought and fashion police chalk the poetry wayward, like Twitter Community Notes saying the train of thought derailed / said I violated policy!

Now these zones are under attack like Sudan or even Ukraine out there dealing with the Wagner Group!

Clones per January 6th insurrectionists or drones hitting up different sections are all up in the game but some play it like Philadelphia 76ers forgetting how to hoop!

O-Zone is like an embedded war reporter giving you the scoop from this attack zone, peeping game! that breeze of footsteps? they're far from melodies of love!

What's really going on? Isley Brothers Footsteps In The Dark? more like cryptic footsteps from those with no love!

Damn!  they're entering these attack zones by any means necessary even introducing technical difficulties check the business! an elaborate scheme being implemented? 

It's disrespectful!! using artificial intelligence or even pseudo intelligence check the social engineering! they're playing us like were dimwitted!

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