Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Attack Zone Business (Part Seven)

 Peeped game per this HumpDay Extravaganza, like this debt ceiling situation I can see that it's all  out of control but  we're going in anyway, catch us entering attack zones!

Asleep in the game? they thought we were but now we're here going for what we know; once again its on!

Creeping up in the game like Miami Heat with energy thats retro futuristic with a veiled perception.

Entering attack zones avoiding alt - shift - delete moves by the matrix architect! hit the reset button for the future rewind, visiting heaven?

Due to artificial intelligence naysayers mentioned wicked depths like falling into the abyss.

Before moves are made in these attack zones prayers are sent up and blessings come down that don't miss.

Visualized the sequence so I won't miss anything out here in these grey area scenarios aka attack zones!

Fighting back with this weaponized sound aka digital crate digging curated by O-Dizzle while this good word is O-Zone's 

But in these attack zones naysayers say a dude is not playing fair, they say the saddest metaphor was written or typed.

Told to put the pen down by thought and fashion police who were amped up ready for brutality, hyped!

But while caught up in the system  / matrix poems were written, pages were stacked like cases a dude faces.

Now time to write another one as we prepare to enter these attack zones, while enhancing lab techniques? the hidden studio he paces.

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