Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Deep House Mix 2023 | Refresh Yourself #03 | Carlos Grau

 Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way! we claimed the terrific outcome the situation is critical,  they had a dude enhancing techniques chilling out in the lab /  muster stations. 

What it do? the hatred? I'm not digging it, even though it goes back!! The situation is pitiful!!  spotted dude acting like  George Santos showing bluster though  he's caught up in unpleasant situations. 

Shady dealing? we're disputing!! reflected  on moves made by Ron DeSantis while rolling down the Florida Turnpike; back in the day? Pops told me he worked in the Okeechobee area when he was young but he wanted to join the Army so he had to dip out. 

Shady dealing?  robbing / looting the treasury from corporations? oh yes!! but like Pops before me we saw a portal open up so we were able to dip out!!

I could see how they're trying to play a brotha, like Jamie Foxx but Brotha O continues to rock!!   I didn't flip out I just strategize. 

Listening to this Deep House Mix 2023 | Refresh Yourself #03 | Carlos Grau! right on time for these hot days here in Atlanta!! check the playlist and the mix!! jokers need to stop the madness!! but if they don't?  I won't be surprised. 

 Tracklist - Support The Artists 

1 - Bernon - La Vida Housekeys (House Mix) - 00:00 

2 - Forteba - Intertourist (Original Mix) - 07:24 

3 - Synthcast - 3rd - 13:22 

4 - Matt Prehn - Love You Back (Original Mix) - 17:51 

5 - Frankey Sandrino - Come Back (Giom Remix) - 21:30 

6 - Deepjack, Inner Rebels, Mr Nu - Got To Have Your Love (Deep Sound Effect Remix) - 28:12 

7 - J Axel - Like A Shadow (Original Mix) - 31:34 

8 - Soulbeats & Majuri - Supernatural (Manyus Kool Mix) - 36:36 

9 - Edmund ft Pablo Fierro - When It Flows (Soul Minority Remix) - 43:28 

10 - The Magician - Sunlight (Darius Remix) - 49:22 

11 - David Xag ft Janice Sweet Sorrow (Low District Remix) - 53:03


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