Wednesday, October 13, 2021

The Construction Site (Part Nine)

 We’re coming through; that track by Patrice Rushen talking about Getting Over The Hump comes to mine!

Acting like we knew, getting this HumpDay Extravaganza underway, out here going for mine…

…hopefully benefiting my constituents; blue collar style work is put in at this construction site!

Breakbeat scientific business is handled; coming through with the sound and fighting the corruption with this insight! 

Its going down!! were rocking hardhats and uniforms with our names stitched on the front of them;  were at the construction site!                   

Surrounded by yellow caution / crime scene tape; here in Dekalb County Georgia authorities set up back in the day NYPD stop and frisk; brothas and sistas? they'll front on them! supposedly no escape
from this corruption site! 

Pleasantries were exchanged while way way out there but there’s competition.

A ruthless demon spotted in the quadrant, while we were minding and tending they're meddling / sweating how we’re living! Drama on the construction site? per Halloween it’s bloodcurdling, drama unfurling by a devil dancer! Drama at the corruption site? In the shadows; a weak one was kidnapped, now interrogated? tears were his answer!

Meanwhile we’re trying to advance, that’s the real answer but God is not through with us yet!

Some show resistance at the construction site, chaos and confusion is what they’ll get!

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