Sunday, October 31, 2021

All Up In The Spot: Damn! Here We Go Again!! (Part Seven)

 We’re all up in the spot on this Sunday morning; damn! here we go again! we’re chilling out in a remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta!

Home of the Atlanta Braves, will they win the World Series? we know how these Atlanta teams are per the Hawks and the Falcons; somebody will understand a brotha!

Land of the free, home of the brave? how does the world see these Americans? we’re over here cutting up!

Freedom threatened by Covid 19 safety measures? plus, these oligarchs try to stockpile treasures by methods that are corrupt!

I see them; messages were delivered, but the envelope was covered with mud and unstamped.

Return address? it was from life, aka the mad carnival! way way out there where we lamped. Through with the madness, I left that spot! nightmares left behind, success attained after we faced the music? Through with the madness! we were waiting in the dark dancing in shadows! we let it go! it was no longer conducive.

We’re back with this beat from a different drum, O-Dizzle developed it while enhancing lab techniques…

…while we’re all up in the spot; damn!! here we go again but we know how life is; we’re in the midst of winning and losing streaks.

Hip to the scheme / plot, wise to the whole setup implemented by the wise and otherwise!

In the meantime we’re all up in the spot, the safe haven / safe harbor; hatred some still harbor! damn, here we go again dealing with them in their pursuit of the so called prize!

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