Friday, October 1, 2021

The Construction Site (Part Three)

 Flashback Friday? old school blue collar worker with my name stitched in the dark blue uniform!

Sliding on the lime green safety vest! safety first on signs spread out on this construction site, that’s the norm. 

That’s the storm we’re going through, might need to rock a hard hat with the lantern on top!

Let me mention, it’s also a Fabulous Friday! blessed to see the first day of October, it's still Libra season so we won’t quit / stop!

We’re getting busy in this construction site / zone but some are just chilling, waiting!! elation is shown in a dark comfort zone. Like the GOP there’s a lot of corruption due to voter suppression, no bipartisanship check the polarization!! some will even curse the light, but needing to “watch that tone” …”and watch their mouth” check that Flashback Friday reference, it’s just like Pops would tell us! Meanwhile it all goes south, check out the Washington DC Senate / Congress gridlock/ quagmire per the Biden Infrastructure Bill! it all fails us!

Who’ll bail us out? jokers are slacking, on a Caribbean cruise down by the equator; ready to jump into the sea of inequity.

Billy Oceans Caribbean Queen plays in the background per Flashback Friday; next up is the Roy Ayers Ubiquity!

Whats the deally? he said everybody loves the sunshine but on this construction site we’re out here sweating like defense motions were denied by the judge; now somebody will get railroaded!

Whats the deally? checked the circumstance / the notions; made adjustments are made on this construction site as we try to get it right! now the train of thought is rolling!! that's how the mode will get.

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