Friday, October 29, 2021

All Up In The Spot: Damn! Here We Go Again! (Part Six)

 Check us out, we’re all up in the spot with these remote outpost musings!

It’s going down on a Fabulous Friday, as I like to say it’s a blessing to be here! check these reflections from I-20 in Atlanta cruising..

..based on winning and losing, reflecting on past episodes on this Flashback Friday!

That’s how it is way way out there but we’re still taking it there making a play!

That’s how it is out here in Babylon, out here in this life aka the mad carnival..

Yes! per the Flashback Friday reference this life is a masquerade per George Benson; no escape route / off ramp / exit found? authorities say you can’t go! All Up In The Spot? the music will play as echoes of forever are heard; the DJ used cuts and scratches plus reverb during sound clashes. his workhouse; DJ O-Dizzle mentioned working it all out but soon the music is faced by some; dust to dust; ashes to ashes…

…or is it ashes to ashes and dust to dust? in God we trust is on the American currency!

Used to pay off ALEC’s own Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema as they collaborated with the GOP to destroy democracy!

Shots fired like Alec Baldwin across the bow? it’s rough out here, all up in the spot!

Damn! Here we go again! once again it’s on, as we use these breakbeat scientific methods to rebuke the ongoing scheme / plot!

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