Thursday, October 7, 2021

The Construction Site (Part Six)

 Are we being built or torn down? circumstances are debatable, I spotted yellow construction / crime scene /  caution tape around the entrance.

Under construction or dealing with the corruption? for a brotha like me charges are trumped up,  what was the judge's sentence?

Fools rush in; charges against Trump per the insurrection should be brought up as jokers say Merrick Garland is moving sucker slow while others like us were just laying in the cut!

Dealing with the Russians? charges Trump never faced  per Robert Mueller but authorities will act brand new with me and you! in a world of trouble like Lou Rawls mentioned, but we were wise to the whole set up! 

I felt the pressure, I told some I wasn't fooling with them! beats will bump and this good word is dropped per this Octoberfest...

Society will stress ya!! catch me maxing and relaxing at a Fall Festival, reflecting on a Thankful Thursday!! to see it? we're blessed!!

Our there, at the construction site celebrating like Kool and The Gang or even Rare Earth but something inside me tightened like a fist! Couldn’t rest due to the corruption; regurgitated! that which remains is not bliss! Breakbeat scientific on this construction site, metallurgical studies conducted but Atlanta rainy days led to a Brook Benton Rainy Night In Georgia! In more ways than one; dealt with cotton candy nightmares after the sweet cotton candy dreams; ate too much at the carnival!

Recovered! once again it’s on as work continues at this construction site!

Smothered? facing opposition by those full of corruption; like dude up in Louisville / Newburg would say back in the day on this Throwback Thursday? “They Ain’t Right”

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