Sunday, October 17, 2021

All Up In The Spot: Damn!! Here We Go Again!! (Part One)

 Damn!! Here We Go Again!! we're all up in the spot, as we proceed and continue towards Scorpio season!

Entering the last week of Libra Season, still in October; peeping game,  the Hunt For Red October mentioned the treason...

Others were like the GOP with their voter suppression but Pluto's son is wise to the whole setup / hip to the fake!! they'll set you up in a heartbeat!

In the hood? the wannabe good fella was trying to make cake, plus like the current labor unrest the apparatus is stressing some; its rough all up in the house and out in the street!

As we get with ya!! we’re all up in the spot, chilled in the remote outpost on this Sunday morning working on this breakbeat scientific product aka methods to the madness!

Who’s the nicest? I see others running over others to prove a point, all up in the spot where reason gave way to madness!

I had an uneasy feeling due to the ongoing shady dealing; there was a strange knock at the door, and when I opened it? I was shocked!

Trying to be Easy like Sunday morning per the Commodores but the arch nemesis is on the premises, hustles will get knocked!

They’re repelled by this good word, plus the rhythm of my soul was heard, now per Sunday Jazz? beats rocked check the situation! The sound for OctoberFest? the main attraction at the mad carnival aka life’s celebration!

All up in the spot! as I mentioned before the construction continues, God is not through with me yet!

Rebuking the scheme / plot, as I mentioned before the corruption continues but we keep fighting, we’re not quitting / stopping; the game is not over with yet!

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