Tuesday, October 5, 2021

The Construction Site (Part Five)

In Atlanta? the rainfall is heavy on what I refer to as a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way!

It’s still business as usual, the reign will fall, it’ll drop like it’s heavy! activity continues at the construction site as some build an elaborate fantasy!

The inclement weather won’t slow down the construction even the corruption will intensify!

Circumstances are debatable; being built or torn down? contemplating the propensity of it; no lie!

Obama mentioned the Audacity Of Hope but reality is full court pressing like old school Arkansas  with Nolan Richardson or Las Vegas with Jerry Tarkanian saying don’t let me catch you out in the street! 

An old or new fool will get gaffled, strung out on that dope; the devil's mission is to alt shift delete.

Leaving the construction site? rolling discrete out in those streets! the genocides,  suicides, and homicides can be by street execution per the rise in gun violence, electrocution, lethal injection or even vehicular.

Who did you meet? every dog has his day;  might even be yours in the fight!! activities were extra curricular!

They said it’s all love at the construction site but love and lies are traits of a dark romance. Some have their corruption game tight like GOP Voter Suppression, right? so love is a 1000 miles away; through this comedy of a carnival? we’re trying to advance! We’re going to take it down a thousand, needing to leave the midway per the moonlit madness. The moon was full a few days ago now we have a New Moon in Libra as we search for equilibrium / search for some leeway; peace? we lack this!

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