Sunday, October 3, 2021

The Construction Site (Part Four)

 It’s going down, we’re still getting breakbeat scientific even on this Sunday morning!

Construction is underway! God is not through with me yet but check out the debatable circumstance, being built or torn down? oh yes it’s a thing!

Corruption is underway, odd ones try to flex their earthly power making a mess of things!

The music will play and this good word is dropped in response; breakbeat science is what your dude brings!

A blue collar attitude is what a dude brings to this construction site:  plus I see dudes with yellow hard hats, as yellow construction tape surrounds the structure.

Trucks come and go causing a traffic jam like it’s I-20 or I-285 on the Eastside of     Metro Atlanta; what can I tell ya ? is it similar to justice obstruction  like the GOP concerning Biden’s agenda plus voter suppression? sounds like some already know whats up!

Others were victimized by the corrupt as drunk / high Old Disney Princes and Princesses remember the so called good old days.. Check out the construction site as they build an Elaborate Fantasy while listening to Bad Company; oh! those were the days! Now what's up with one? like this new month of October even though we're still in Libra season things change, check the natural process, naysayers / non-believers considering it supernatural stress? Strange? more or less, but check out the hustle knocks, it led to the ongoing madness!

It’s not strange, we’re back with this putting work at this construction site aka working it all out!

Beats will bang as Sunday Jazz Continues plus O-Zone is pulling up with this insight! we’re going all out!

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