Monday, October 11, 2021

The Construction Site (Part Eight)

 It’s another Monday morning, reminded of it as the alarm rings; we’ll proceed to the construction site!

Ignoring this so called Columbus Day Holiday; recognizing the Indigenous People, please! we need to get it right!

Dropping this good word and music will play, we’re still putting work in blue collar style!

We’re all up in the construction site trying to get it right dropping this insight using this breakbeat scientific style!

Rebuking the corruption on these sites, plus we’re inflight! no flights canceled like Southwest Airlines!

Local / national / international and intergalactic dealing with fanatics that won’t be fair with mine!

Way Way Out There, told to follow the signs similar to Dr Anthony Fauci following the science? now we’re out here on the Lonely Road.

AKA life or the “midway of the mad carnival”; during this ongoing OctoberFest the devil and his advocates stressed check the mode! Now darkness returns, rubber a dude burns out on I-20 in Atlanta but coming to an abrupt halt due to the traffic; trying to work magic but something tells me this mystic journey will haunt me! Restless, some will test us; is danger imminent? heard laughter, naysayers taunt me. 

We’ll need to put work in at this construction site, swagging / flexing / fronting / flaunting will not be the answer!

Using this good word to fight the corruption plus the sound just might move a dancer!

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