Saturday, October 9, 2021

The Construction Site (Part Seven)

 We’re still out here trying to build on this Saturday afternoon, might as well consider this a construction site!

Moving forward, not trying to yield even though opposition is met! sometimes wondering if this is a corruption site! 

O-Zone? usually chilling out in a remote outpost / comfort zone but per survival O-Dizzle mentioned entering attack zones!

Ear shattering gunshots exploded, like Afghanistan we were fired on by gatekeepers and their drones!

What’s up man? the apparatus was mad because we refused to be clones like their constituents!

What’s up man? check the status, God is not through with us yet on this construction site that’s the deal with it!

Check us out, we’re Way Way Out There!! out on those backroads it was like I-64 in Illinois, I even heard the cornfield cries!

Construction takes place remotely, getting open will be the mission but due to a hallucination? I even spotted the broken skies! Just phantasm on the midway of the carnival aka life; O-Zone mentioned an elaborate fantasy!

Autumn moon shadows from the New Moon in Libra had me feeling some kind of way!

It’s on! the music will continue to play per the digital crate digging plus this good word is still dropped!

Activities will continue at this construction site; we never quit / stopped!

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