Friday, October 15, 2021

The Construction Site (Part Ten)

 We’re still “all up in the spot” aka the construction site; we had to deal with some delays. 

Blaming it on Mercury Retrograde? I guess, it’s supposed to station on the 18th before moving forward in a couple of days!

Who’ll work with me? games are played like the NBA preseason; in a couple of days the regular season will be here. 

Teams are undergoing construction, meanwhile regular citizens are dealing with the corruption / treason as Trump insurrectionists try to take it there!

Society is not playing fair, Throwback Thursday / Flashback Friday? to ease the pain? she’ll play Anita Baker’s Body and Soul.

Music is the medicine, like Gary Bartz a Sanctuary!! medicine taken day by day after being out there, attending the mad carnival.. aka Life; cutting like a knife after dealing with the sinister; the carnival’s main attraction? Strife led to a shadow of her dreams, now it's pain she’s attracting!

We came back with this construction; its being done on prime real estate.

Similar to Brass Construction, we're Movin On! sacred sounds being put down on sacred grounds; this is our strategy for dealing with the hate!

During the ongoing debate? please believe me....God is not through with a bruh yet!!

On thin ice we all skate, some can relate! Lord Help! Lord Help! is the Battle Cry! this bruh didn't forget!!

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