Tuesday, June 23, 2020

We're Not Quitting / Stopping!! (Part Seven)

Started writing this on a Monday night, thoughts were scattered / in flight; something tells me I won't finish it until tomorrow..

...which is now here /  on what I refer to as a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday because things can play out either way; joy / exuberance vs pain / sorrow...

We're not quitting / stopping!! already claiming the terrific outcome, I'll celebrate by pulling out the drum as digital crate digging continues.

We're not quitting / stopping!! knowing God is in the blessing business is a good start, utilizing the battle cry, Lord Help!!  Lord Help!! then, having a good heart is on these menus..

We're not quitting / stopping! knowing odd ones are stressing us like having only one voting location up in Louisville / Jefferson County for the election tomorrow..

... or today; voter suppression in Kentucky? oh yes!! it's  like the fiasco down here in Georgia? what's up bruh? much respect to Charles Booker, from the hood to the holler!!

Check out the session / negative impression / full court pressing with aggression from the devil and his advocates  like they signed some kind of evil covenant.

My constituents are stressing trying to keep their heads above water, in need of another stimulus payment to keep car notes and home mortgages paid and food on the table;  that's what's up with it!! any help from the government? 

Constitutions for us or against us?  like Bill Barr and the so called Department of Justice supporting injustices , it appears GOP souls were mortgaged!! that's how the game is played? 

Institutions for or against us? during this Covid 19?  check the tech collaborations per essential business designations; Amazon / Apple / Google / Facebook, like Beatnuts making money off the books? face to face with a crook? capitalists capitalizing?  meanwhile  these Breakbeat Scientists continue to do business., knowledge is sprayed..

Illusions are rebuked!!  Breaking News From These Breakbeat Scientists? we're not quitting / stopping!!

Spots get nuked per this Sonic Assault, this is the rebuttal for the ongoing hell that's caught!! during the ongoing madness? lessons are taught, God is not through with us yet!! we're not quitting / stopping!!

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