Tuesday, June 9, 2020

We're Not Quitting / Stopping!! (Part Five)

Check us out!! we're typing these good words on what I refer to as a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; things can play out either way...

Check it out, the madness isn't stopping so we're praying then taking action!!  we're not quitting / stopping, this is how we'll play!!

Reflex type of actions taken after we see how the system will play; per Ahmaud Arbery / Breonna Taylor and George Floyd episodes systematic racism is exposed..

Complex situations? another pandemic in the midst of this coronavirus pandemic while the  CDC  and the WHO discusses who's asymptomatic or pre- symptomatic?  it's automatic that this good word is composed..

Coming with the next, check these instigations! rebuking the devil who's not sympathetic so per Public Enemy no sympathy is shown towards him!! we're not quitting / stopping!! check us out as we proceed and continue..

Coming with the next,  though caught up in these unpleasant situations!! we're not quitting / stopping!! this good word and good music are on the menu..

Checked out the system's menu even the drop down one;  I asked their customer service representatives, whats good? they said its all game and my kind they'll blame!! told them to check the ongoing corruption from government or corporate officials even though some of my constituents from Louisville to Atlanta were keeping it hood!

Basking in the  Gemini sunlight during this season, check the atmosphere!! some are talking a good game just check the Bill Barr type of treason!!   next thing I know some are out there  up to no good!

I heard the lie, they told me their game was good!! now some will  have to Runaway like the Roy Ayers joint!

We're not quitting / stopping!! studied the Dark Mystery of Time and Space, sliding through the worm hole / the portal but knowing how the sport will go!!  these players aren't the kind that society will anoint!

...especially if we miss the shot /  cant make a point in the closing minutes of the game!! not coming through  like Michael Jordan over Craig Ehlo, re -emphasized in the Last Dance

...similar to trying to make my point during the Las Vegas style crap game at Victory Park up in Louisville back in the day?  these days I'm rolling discrete not quitting / stopping still out here trying to advance!!

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