Saturday, June 6, 2020

We're Not Quitting / Stopping!! (Part Four)

Check us out!! we're all dealing with bad breaks and setbacks, borrowing a phrase from Marvin Gaye's Inner City Blues...

"It makes you wanna holler, the way they do my life" ; borrowing another phrase these days paying dues...

We're not quitting / stopping! paying the price, not just dollars but using other resources due to no other recourses now we're dealing with twin pandemics...

"It ain't nothing nice" ; no reality divorces while dealing with Covid -19 and also racism as we drop these mathematics..

"It ain't nothing nice" ; feeling it from here in Atlanta to Louisville to Minneapolis and all points in between..

We're not quitting / stopping! others understand that's the real deal they feel us!! worldwide they're on the scene..

Observing the scene? my constituents are ready to roll from London to Paris to Australia; black lives matter is heard.....

It's not obscene, similar to the Battle Cry Still Used; Lord Help! Lord Help!! from your dude that's the word..

.The Brotha O-Zone dropped this good word while O-Dizzle blended funk and breakbeats; they were conjured up like some kind of magical elixir!

We're not quitting / stopping! breakbeat science is in full effect!! with the art and science we paint a picture.

We're not quitting / stopping! spirits, hearts, and minds get hit up with the mixture; please!! its on and popping!

The ongoing madness? it's not stopping but we'll  proceed and continue;  we're not quitting / stopping!!!!

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