Friday, June 19, 2020

Chillhop Essentials - Summer 2020・chill & groovy beats

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday; this is my Friday Night Fever edition..

It's also a Fabulous Friday, check the vibe!! at least I'm trying to play it that way / that's how I'm living..

Spring and Gemini Season is coming to a close, the Summer Solstice and Cancer Season are on deck as we move to the next,, 

Doing our thing, trying to move to a new season!! the soul is restless, reality cancerous per Covid 19 and systemic racism! the sport is complex..

Supposedly in the midst of a new normal but this weather forecaster knows how the storm will do!! the reign began with a drizzle...

...some will be able to see what he's saying, now in the lab with this good music playing!! listening to Chillhop Essentials - Summer 2020・chill & groovy beats; it's courtesy of Chillhop Music!! check the playlist and the mix to see what it do!!

00:00:00 The Breed - Canção 
00:03:11 Yasper - Birds Fly Higher Than The Moon 
00:05:55 SwuM - Alwayshere 
00:07:48 chromonicci - Oceania 
00:11:53 dryhope - Ever Forward 
00:14:35 Xander - Cozy Fire 
00:18:09 Stan Forebee - The Esplanade 
00:21:11 L'Indécis - Changes 
00:24:11 Aso, Aviino, Middle School - Pick Me Up 
00:27:17 Sitting Duck, otaam - Nights At The Beach 
00:29:57 Eli Way - Green Tea 
00:33:07 mommy - Safe Travels! 
00:35:33 goosetaf, Anbuu, Philanthrope - Last Night ft. Lead Major
00:37:43 Blue Wednesday - Homesick ft. Another Silent Weekend
00:40:18 sadtoi - Beach Volley Club 
00:42:42 Mo Anando, Nighne - Light Leaks 
00:45:55 Ruck P - A Tribe Called Tenz 
00:48:32 Psalm Trees, Guillaume Muschalle - Baby Blue 
00:50:46 weird inside - Wrong Way 
00:53:08 SAINT WKND - Girls Just Wanna Have Sun 
00:55:58 No Spirit, Kyle McEvoy, Dillan Witherow - Campfire 
00:59:14 Aviino - London Love Letters 
01:02:10 j'san, Epektase - Blue Stripes 
01:05:02 Sleepy Fish - Metro Lines 
01:08:02 Miscél, Shahly - In Time

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