Thursday, June 25, 2020

Funky House & Nu Disco Summer Vibes Mix 2020 - Dj SoulBoss (FVUK Guest Mix Series Summer Collection)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday, but by now "y'all should know how the work will be"; we'll take it back to the future..

Retro - futuristic with it,  peeping game I didn't miss it!! Throwback Thursday reflections / internal inspections we're favorable, full of flavor bro!! making this a Thankful Thursday!! now back in the present, not acting brand new with ya...

Underground mystic, not sleeping in the game paying attention now taking it back to the future, plotting and scheming on a new normal? 

Ground zero resident dealing with Covid 19 and systemic racism pandemics creeping up in the game but it's academic on how the sport will do..

The sport is complex but we'll come with the next, listening to Funky House and Nu Disco Summer Vibes Mix 2020 - Dj SoulBoss (FVUK Guest Mix Series Summer Collection)

Check out the playlist and the mix, courtesy of Funky Vibes UK!! from London to Atlanta and all points in between the funk will play!! this funky drummer hit's y'all up as Summer Solstice vibes come into play in your section!!

Dj SoulBoss Funky House & Nu Disco Summer Vibes Mix 2020 Tracklist 01. Feels so Right (Art of Tones '1982' Extended Remix) - Sunset City
02. Red Room Funk (Original Mix) - Alex Mallios
03. I Got My Mind Made Up (Da Lukas Re-Disco) - Instant Funk
04. Juice & Boogie - Loshmi
05. Ahah! (Original Mix) - Pavel Svetlove
06. Everybody Get Up HP Vince, Dave Leatherman
07. Love Don't Live (The UBP Classic Club Mix) - UBP presents Michael Procter
08. I'm Surprise (Studioheist Remix) - Angelo Ferreri
09. Downtown City (Sebb Junior Remix) - JR from Dallas, Sebb Junior
10. The Only Thing Missing (DJ Blaze Mix) - Aretha Franklin
11. Be There For Me (Saison Remix) - Asle, Laura Vane, Saison
12. Sounds So Good (Saison Remix) - Kevin Yost, Saison
13. Lets Go Dancing (Romy Black Remix) - Dr Don Don, Archie Versace feat JDP

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