Sunday, June 21, 2020

Glenn Underground - Strumming & Thinking

 Sunday Jazz Continues on a rainy night in Atlanta; a Rainy Night In Georgia per Brook Benton comes to mind..

We're in the lab chilling on this Fathers Day trying to avoid these twin pandemics, it'll blow your mind!!

Dropping this good word and the sound, getting my mind right!  letting the music take my mind no need for smoking or drinking!!

Checking out  this jazz thing!! reinforced /  courtesy of WCLK per Jamal Ahmad and before that Ken Batie; also rest in peace to Jay Edwards for steering me in this direction!!  at the moment? we're listening to this Glenn Underground with a track called Strumming and Thinking

This from  GU's Forgotten Art CD;  Glenn Underground?  a Chicago house legend!! 

...the track is soul and jazz influenced when flowing through the conduit!!  putting it down like this and like that and a!! check it out...


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