Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Deep House Mix 2020 · Summer Time · Grau DJ

Digital Crate Digging Continues per our HumpDay Extravaganza segment; my constituents are eligible for it..

All of us are out here trying to get over the hump so O-Zone has this breakbeat scientific data dump; dropping this good word and good music, can you dig it?

Something tells me you will, in the lab we'll chill;  per Covid -19 and systemic racism? we're still sheltering in place, scientific is how we'll run this race; following CDC Guidelines but still going for mine "out in these streets"

Rocking the mask and social distancing, a cure and vaccine is off in the distance; earlier? we were off in the distance bearing witness to the Rayshard Brooks memorial site at the Wendy's on University Avenue down here in Atlanta  that was set on fire by agent provocateurs plus we took other tours bearing witness to boarded up buildings on Peachtree and Marietta streets..

It's rough out here,  even though America is supposedly back open per these dangerous minds;  Trump and Pence along with Governor Kemp down here in Georgia will have us all caught up in dangerous circumstances due to Covid -19 not being over with but we'll ignore them / still making advances..

It's rough out here but we're taking chances, O-Dog Day Partying listening to Deep House Mix 2020 · Summer Time · Grau DJ ; check out the playlist and the mix this is just in time for the Summer Solstice! depending on how one's soul is they'll chill out and let the music take their mind while another dances!!

Tracklist - Support Artists: 1 - Christoph Kardek - Terra (Alveol Dab Remix) - 00:00 2 - G Markush .- Just Go Away (Original Mix) - 05:33 3 - Bodean - Baby Baby (Original Mix) - 11:11 4 - Coral O' Connor - Waves - 19:22 5 - Sek - Warehouse (Original Mix) - 25:13 6 - Baltimore Chop - Mbtw - 27:58 7 - Spennu - Too Much Stress (Original Mix) - 34:18 8 - Francesco de Argentis - House Music - 41:13 9 - Gaol & Sebb Junior - Speechless (Sebb Junior Remix) - 45:22 10 - Fish From Japan - Dirty City Nights (Original Mix) - 51:41 11 - BRS - Bouncing - 55:60 12 - Stefano Esposito - I Want You It To Go - 01:01:41

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