Saturday, October 29, 2011

Writing With The Black Ink Pen

Check this scripture..I was hitting up the loose leaf with the blue ink pen; but I lost it!

Now I switched to the black one; I guess I'm like Drake and Lil Wayne...I'm Back On One.. but I still have the Moody Blues;  thinking of a master plan before I lost it!

Having second thoughts like Occupy Wall Street protesters as the the snowstorm hits them?  whatcha know? meanwhile down here in Georgia dude ditched the stolen Ford Explorer over in Decatur after the caper was pulled; he smashed and grabbed at the beauty supply store! 

Now trying to flip the weave!! but snitches signed affidavits;  whose deceived? you know how it goes!! some ask..what did he lie for? 

.....Trying to pay the mortgage as the sport gets ugly due to the economy! 

.....Worse than NBA Lockouts; meanwhile O-Dizzle will rock out! so what will the response by?

Check the steady bombardment of the enemy position; that will be the move we make! 

Similar to suicide attacks in Kabul...but nobody will get hurt as we drop knowledge...based on a quote and a break... we rock steady like the Whispers; based on this black ink pen based breakbeat science; its only so much we can take!

What's up with me? info on the loose leaf is transferred to this we go for what we know...the cycle we break..

What does this black man think? nothing like Herman Cain and his 9 9 9 platform..

I'm writing with the black ink pen...sending out a message to the people..its an emergency...dial 9 9 9 like Loose Ends..whose caught out there in the storm?

While jokers from Occupy Wall Street are fighting each other
work will be put in by these breakbeat scientists...

We broke north like Gaddafi's son..refusing to come undone..gimme a break like Nell Carter...these brothas know what time it is!!

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