Monday, August 13, 2018

What's The Business PT.8

What's the business? revelations led to innovations of this construction / corruption site,  broadcasting live from Atlanta...

What's the business? we put it down from Mars to Venus to the ATL.!!  what's up son? this is part of a bigger plan, understand a bruh?

What's the business? we remove bars, see what the deal is? this is frontline spiritual warfare business!! we're trying to fight that and this!! damn!! life is rough...

Trying to make do like the old Judge Mathis intro;  but we're like Roger, "so rough so tough"

Who'll fake you? the path is like Atlanta or Dekalb County streets, full of potholes!! we're dealing with setbacks / obstacles!! like I told you, it's rough!!

Who'll fake you? the math, who'll understand it? you found me doing the knowledge, now I spotted devil's advocates fighting like the Jets vs the Redskins fronting like they're tough...

...saying brothas won't work it out like Willie Hutch; I'm dipping like Barry Sanders rocking his throwback jersey, who'll work with me? who's blocking?

What's the business? we're trying to work this thing out, who understands us? like Trump vs Omarosa all I see is hustle knocking!!

What's the business? we'll keep rocking, beats will thump!! the game is not over we'll keep doing what we do...

What's the business? jokers keep mocking you like Kanye West on Jimmy Kimmel!!  they want to see you in the dumps, trying to act like you never knew!!

Alternative arguments are presented by Rudy Giuliani types but we're blessed we didn't believe the hypes!!

We're working it out, those that started the madness were no where to found; stressed!! we knew they were those types..

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