Saturday, August 4, 2018

Gotan Project - El Capitalismo Foraneo

The Saturday Night Fever edition of Digital Crate Digging is underway; let the music play!!

Did they holla at me? sho you right a believer told me!  do what you do was the word from the coach!! I was told to run a play!!

Fast forward to today; this veteran in the game is now coaching as Armageddon is now approaching!

Moving forward, never backwards is how that works!! methods to the madness dropped while coaching!!

Moving forward but capital / resources are scarce but the battle is fierce from these spiritual warriors!! in the meantime and between time this science is dropped

Gotan Project mentioned  El Capitalismo Foraneo which translates to Capitalism Forever; ties we sever but we never / quit / stopped!!

Attorneys object, damn!! the madness never stopped!! a capitalist hates, then said it wasn't hatred that it's all business..

Working it all out, the saga / struggle continues as we win some and lose some; answering that question; what's the business?

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