Sunday, August 26, 2018

Chilling Like A Villain / Louisvillian PT.3

As I mentioned previously, on this Sunday morning? we're chilling out / letting it do what it do..

Acting devious with these? Full Moon in Pisces repercussions or Chilling Like A Villain / Louisvillian discussions? so what's up / what it do?

Some fronted like they were heavy in the game like Tupac Shakur, yeah sure!! at least they said they were!! heavyweights like George Foreman and Joe Frazier?

Or maybe the Louisville representative Muhammad Ali, who'll know the deally? Katina Powell types had the city messed up bruh, so what's up with ya? Biz Markie said nothing can save ya!!

Now Omarosa will tell Trump the game is over; check the behavior from a scorned black woman..

Is the game over? he should have peeped game from Tyler Perry movies and plays about the scorned black woman,,

Chilling Like A Villain / Louisvillian after I peeped game, so what's up with ya? authorities monitor the behavior!! after they enslave ya?  some are bar coded and microchip implanted..

Others kept that cell phone on succumbing to the tracking!! others called themselves macking, territories claimed during turf wars like Israel over in Syria!!  per the MSM was coded information slanted?

...or was Information Overloaded? now during the mass hysteria some are distracted, ready to ride because of pride..

Chilling Like A Villain / Louisvillian? that's the mode, checked history and how some acted!! corners? they're backed in, there's no where to run or hide!!

Some still ride that way!! this Louisvillian spotted them cruising like Smoky Robinson down Beatties Ford Rd up in Charlotte, North Carolina on over to International Blvd in Oakland! meanwhile per this Sunday morning that was once my prime time for this good word?  I Fly Away like the old school gospel song..

Pops told me somebody lied!!! rolling like Michael Cohen and Manafort in the sport!!  some are still mesmerized, but was the Trump  gospel wrong?

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