Wednesday, August 1, 2018

What's The Business PT.7 (Another HumpDay Extravaganza)

It's rough out here!! damn!! now my constituents are asking me what's the business?

We take it there per this HumpDay Extravaganza!! we'll let my people know what the deal is!!

Like I said it's rough out here!! I felt like Morpheous or Neo out here dealing with the Matrix Glitches.

Like I said it's rough out here, but a dude is knowing how the sport is!!  like Trump telling his people they don't have to worry about anything like they're in an alternative reality who's fake with that or this?

What's the business? caught up in the game like Paul Manafort is? the matrix architect will have us abort that or this mission!! like Russia or North Korea who's threatened with a sanction? reality has a way of exposing the fake.

What's the business? if it's not a sanction tariffs are imposed like against the EU and China; negative impressions are made, so who's running things? actually they're on the take.

What's the business? I kept on pushing like Impressions;  Jerry Butler and Curtis Mayfield.

Playing this like an old school outfielder!! what's the deal with you? they ask a brotha,  I told them I'm out there!! like Willie Mays or Hank Aaron playing the field.

...But this is no "player player"  type situation!! spiritual warfare is going down.

..said a prayer, now moving at my own pace, either a high velocity or even slowing down.

This is God's property type of business that's going down!! word up to those asking what's the business..

...properly dropped in conjunction with this HumpDay Extravaganza!! letting my people know what the deal is!!

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