Monday, August 27, 2018

The Outback Chronicles (Let's Get Busy Edition)

We're trying to handle business before it handles us; per Music Monday?  like Freeway and Just Blaze we were Early..

Jokers ask, what's the business? while they asked that question we were already busy; who'll work with me?

At the moment?  bringing these Outback Chronicles, who'll work with me? we're doing the damn thing! 

At the moment? I told you we're bringing these Outback Chronicles!!  I already asked, who'll work with me? we're doing the damn thing! 

Usually bringing those I-20 Chronicles, but at the moment we're catching up on our pimping aka yard work;  it's hard work,  but somebody has to do it.

It's the response to these and those but it's not a simple thing!! yard work was delayed by heavy rainfall; the yard was in pain y'all /  going through it.

Rest in peace / power to John McCain; I didn't like all his politics but I loved how he stood up to Trump!! meanwhile citizens are "down in the dumps; it's heavy,  some are in pain y'all /  they're going through it! 

The drizzle led to a heavy reign y'all;  now like Anti-Trump citizens we have the resistance movement; some refused to go through it. 

We're trying to maintain / acting like we knew it!! usually good word dropping and beat bumping but on this Monday Morning? we were cutting grass and sweeping up. 

We're trying to maintain / acting like we knew it!! not caught up in Kasim Reed subpoenas; staying on point for the snake in the grass creeping up. more ways than one; it's going down from the Jacksonville Landing to supposedly in  Johannesburg  / South Africa per Trump..

Outback business is handled per these chronicles, maybe somebody is understanding us as we respond to these and those!! this Louisville / Newburg brotha will "holla atcha" with this good word and beats that bump..

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