Tuesday, August 21, 2018

What's The Business PT. 10

What's the business? we're out here doing the knowledge but opposition is met like it was Fancy Bear;  Microsoft mentioning Russian hacking..

What's the business? it's rough out here!!  I acknowledge that I felt the pressure but I put in the work,  I wasn't slacking..

A dude was just chilling like a villian or Louisvillain but I got pulled back into the game;  like Trump vs Mueller the compound is under attack.

...plus jokers like Rudy Giuliani were running off at the mouth with the Deliberate Falsehood!!  I peeped game,  he's trying to school another but this brotha sees what the dizzle is, I have the knack.

What's the business? we're back but the reign / downpour started with a drizzle!! some sleep in the game,  might have been surprised by the outcome...

What's the business? we're trying to maintain, even as plans fizzle!! damn!! O-Dizzle surprised some by pulling out the drum..

What's the business?  hip to the plan!! jokers we're telling us about sunshine and blue skies but we're up in a storm.

What's the score? in the Mideast car bombs roll up!! on the city streets automatic gunfire is heard!!  what's the deal?  things aren't the norm.

What's the score? Corporate America is raking in the profits, but are the circumstances debatable?

Being built or torn down? who fair with ya? a lot of faking from these so called prophets? evangelicals will still hate on a bro!!

It's not the scorn shown? please!! out here in Babylon? like Trump contemplating removing Obama's security clearance a fanatic stays busy doing the devil's work.

What's the business? in the midst of the madness happiness is shown by some!! applause is heard!! some are impressed by what the devil hurts.

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