Friday, August 17, 2018

What's The Business PT.9

What's the business?  what's the deal with this? those questions are asked on this Flashback Friday as I write this...

First things first; rest in peace / power to Detroit's  Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul;  her music? the masses were enlightened by that and his!!

What's the business, how did we roll? I found my way back home, chilled up in Detroit on Grand Avenue for a minute or two; stopped in Louisville on the way back, I was able to find the reset button.

What's the business, how did we roll? admitting that the stress was on my dome!! paranoid? naw, but I was ducking and diving!! I refused to be a punishment glutton.

What's the business, how did we roll? refusing to be a lab rat or crash test dummy with studies being conducted.

What's the business, how did we roll? we weren't vindictive like Omarosa, for some the game is over!! I can already here Fred Sanford calling Lamont a big dummy!! so what's up with me? seminars are conducted.

The mothership landed back on earth after  floating in cosmic clouds!! we're trying to get over, funk is dropped in sound clouds!! but staying low key, avoiding these ill crowds!! refused to be corrupted by Babylon.

Chilling in Atlanta, hoe of  chemtrails / clouds from Hartsfield Jackson Airport polluting the mind?  a bruhs hands were already dirty due to Louisville / Newburg living!! guilt by association? some that "other other"  stuff? I'm off and  I'm on!!

A dude prevails, now breakbeat science is dropped!! we're in this sport with the  good word, plus adjustments of bass, treble and tone..

What's the business? like Trump vs John Brennan dangerous minds flip flipped on issues!! check these shady politicians!! what were they on?

What's the business? I'm not a clone, standing in line with others!!  I broke to the left and to the right.

O-Zone might have broke north on them!! that's whats up with him!! he's like a zombie satellite; intergalactic!! staying in flight.

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